Aug 13, 2013

Wardrobe Bingo

We all get into style ruts and fashion funks.  We have pieces in our wardrobes we love, but we get tired of them.  Probably because we wear them too often or always in the same way.

This September, before hitting the stores for an entirely new wardrobe (don’t get me wrong - I am not saying you can’t play this game AND shop), why not have a little fun in your closet, take some risks, roll the dice (hypothetically) and see what happens (consider this experience sort of like a blind date - but with your clothes!). You will be living like a style blogger - intrigued? Hope so...

Ok, here is how it works. For those of you who are game - I have chosen Wednesdays because that is the point of the week where we may need a little something to get us over the hump...

Step 1: Pick 5 items of clothing for each section of your body

- tops

- bottoms

- outerwear (or blazers, cardigans etc)

- shoes

- statement accessory

*note that dresses can be substituted in for tops or bottoms (if you are like me and love dresses!), extra pieces like tights, watches, belts etc can be added to your outfits

Step 2:

Within each category number the garments 1 - 5

Step 3:

Randomly draw a number from each category - this will become your outfit!

Step 4: (optional - but fingers crossed some of you do this!)

- snap a photo of your bingo outfit and send it to me...yes I may post it if you give me the ok!

*  it is my hope that most of us will have the confidence to wear these outfits for the day (I understand if you need to make some minor adjustments...)

Hopefully this experience will allow you to look at the pieces in your closet in new and different ways and have a little fun with fashion! I am certain that these wardrobe mash-ups may result in a few “creative” outfits but just look at some of the stuff that struts down the catwalk - anything goes as long as you can rock it with some attitude and a smile!

So, if you are game to play - let me know via facebook, e mail or twitter@stylesmarts and let the planning begin! You have a couple of weeks to think about what items you will put in each category, and over that time period I will post some Fall 2013 for colours and trends which you may want to keep in mind when choosing your bingo pieces.

The inspiration for this came from (fashion website) who put this challenge out to a number of style bloggers. Like I said, this is your opportunity to live like a fashion blogger for at least 1 day a week for a month... or longer - it is up to you!