Mar 28, 2014

I have always loved pink and am so glad it is having a shining moment in the fashion world right now (along with so many other suagary sweet, powdery pastels!).  

This coat has been hanging in my closet for a few years, but feels like it has breathed in some new life as the "it" pink of the moment.  A great little find from a small NYC boutique while shopping with my friend/teaching partner late one afternoon (after a day spent at a Librarian conference in Brooklyn - yes Librarians love to shop too!).  She spotted it first, but kindly offered it up realizing the fit wasn't right.  

The sign of a true friend.

To be honest, if you saw me close-up, you would realize the fit isn't exactly perfect on me either.  But, it is one of those pieces I throw on and instantly feel pulled together.  It is unique and makes a statement (and often yields a compliment or 2 - great on those days when I am feeling a little blah).  It is the perfect piece for a run-around kind of day.  

When stumbling upon this kind of find, snatching it up is a must (even if the garment isn't technically on your shopping list - you'll thank yourself you deserve it, right?).  

It feels Chanel-inspired...and this is the closest to Chanel this girl is ever going to get!

Note:  If you love this shade of pink but find it doesn't work on your skin-tone, why not try it in a skirt/pant, subtly in a print, or incorporate it into some fun accessories?

Images courtesy of Bake Photography

coat: Think Closet NYC necklace:  J Crew  skinny jeans: Free people  boots: Gravity pope bag:  Jeanne Lottie from Plenty