Apr 12, 2014

I have come to see style as art. I love how basic pieces can be mixed and matched to make new and unique looks. How clothing can create optical illusions and transform the shape of a body. How it allows the wearer to express or take on different personalities.  A beautifully crafted outfit always evokes some sort of response. Firstly from the wearer who might walk a little taller, with confidence (rocking the look) causing others to take notice, perhaps yielding a compliment or two...

Yes I see style as art and people-watching a sport. Style inspiration is everywhere if you look for it.

I am lucky. I can always count on a daily dose the moment I enter the library and see my teaching partner who has such a cool, unique style. A knack for finding interesting pieces and combining them in ways you may never have considered, but just work.

Honestly, I could devote an entire blog to her sense of style. But I know that would be a lot to ask (even of a very close friend). I felt the need to snap a few pics to share this particular outfit as each piece is fabulous, with possibilities to be worn in so many ways.

Leather crop top.

That should be enough said. Leather always adds something to an outfit. Some edge, some texture, some style. This piece could be worn year-round and easily dressed up or down. It would work well with denim, skirts, trousers, or over a full skirted dress. I love how she has layered it over a tank. You can attain the crop look without baring a midriff. The piece is subtle and soft reminding us that leather doesn’t always have to be black. And it has the exposed zipper - an extra detail on the back is always an added bonus.

Slouchy trousers:

The ease of these pants truly make them a wardrobe workhorse. They can be professional, dressed up for evening, or pair well with sneakers for a casual look. Plus they are comfortable (just like yoga pants but so much more stylish and pulled-together). She also has a pair in cheetah print - the kids at school love them...and so do I.

Embellished neutral flats:

Netural flats don’t have to be plain. These are covered in small gold studs which add a pop of metallic (a vibrant neutral). A fun compliment to so many outfits without stealing the show.

A little vocab and DIY:

 Scrolling through twitter the other day this quote caught my eye:

“Somebody who looks totally perfect would be a little bit boring.”

I tend to agree so I clicked the link which led me to a NY times fashion/style interview with a 57 yr old french style-icon, model, author and designer's muse. At one point in the interview she describes how she likes to customize articles of clothing to make them her own. The word used was bespoke (I have to admit that I needed to google the definition).

The morning after reading the article, one of our adorable new teachers came into the library to prep for an assembly showcasing work her students had just completed on polar bears. I couldn't help but notice what she was wearing...

I immediately complimented her on this top - which I think is really cool. Not your typical teacher thematic-wear (which can err on the side of cheesy). What a surprise to learn it is the product of a do-it-yourself creation.

She explained that she had found the image on-line and went to the “Bang On” shop to get transferred onto a shirt.  Because she didn't love the basic Ts available, she sourced out and purchased one in a style she preferred (I believe from the Gap) before returning to complete the ironing process.

A fairly easy DIY and perfect example of bespoke, or customized clothing. Don’t you love that she and the bear are sporting the same glasses? A brilliant illustration of making a piece your own.

*Coincidentally I just returned from a baby shower where someone had done a similar process for a onesie.  The mum-to-be is an avid skier (as no doubt her new little bundle will be as well).  Needless to say this was a hit!