Aug 16, 2014

Feeling blue - in the best possible way!

Feeling blue - in the best possible way!

Above image source:  Bake Photography

Back after spending another incredible month in NYC. Energized and exhausted at the same time. Happy to be home, but also sad I won’t be seeing the city for a while. New York holds such a special place in my heart for so many reasons. Topping the list is the fact that it allows me spend quality time and make memories with people I love. As usual, this summer brought a rotating crew of friends and family all keen and eager to hit the town - and, believe me, we put in some miles!

It’s true, I always end up making some purchases when I am in New York. But for me, the trip is never really about shopping. People watching becomes a daily sport - on the subway, the street, the markets, the theatre, parks, in restaurants and cafes. Style inspiration is everywhere - in the architecture, galleries, street performances and fabulous window displays in all of the flagship shops and unique boutiques.

I have never been one to advocate buying according to trends, though I do like to keep up with what is “in” each season; and think it is important to have pieces that keep us looking modern and current. My trips to New York are always a good way to see the unveiling of the upcoming Fall fashions.

When I unpacked yesterday and laid out my new items, I realized one of the Fall 2014 trends I had read about in several style blogs had unintentionally infiltrated my Every new piece had some shade of or at least a little bit of blue.

My new blue:  pastel blue dress with lace detail (Think Closet, NYC), leather jacket/vest with removeable floral sleeves (Darling, NYC), navy polka-dot waterproof windbreaker (Uniqlo), bold floral skirt (Anthropologie), elephant print blouse (Think Closet, NYC)

So I guess at times when I am missing the city, donning one of these will help me channel NYC and conjure up some of those fabulous moments.

I have always loved this colour, so this was an easy trend to accidentally fall into this Fall.  Good news is, it was shown in such a wide range on the runways from navy, to cobalt to pastel there is something out there for everyone if you are feeling a little blue too!