Oct 5, 2014

Making A Statement

photo credit:  Bake photogrpahy

On the last few days of my stay in New York City this past summer, I stumbled upon an adorable little boutique that for some strange reason all my prior research failed to uncover.

This place is a gem (Darling NYC). My eager shopping partner and I purchased a couple of unique, reasonably priced pieces (that we fell in love with) and decided to go back once more before heading home as we overheard the owner chatting about a new shipment. Our curiousity was piqued.

When working with clients I always suggest considering the following when debating whether or not to purchase an item. Note: if it fulfills all the critera my instinct is usually to go for it, even if it wasn’t technically on the shopping list...

  • cost per wear (does the price justify the amount of times it will be worn?)
  • fit
  • versatility
  • visual interest (colour, print, texture or shine)
  • does it reflect your personal style?
  • you don't currently own something that is basically the same (or very close)
  • you love it!

When we returned, a collarless, zebra print coat caught my eye. Less than $150, could be worn for at least 3 seasons of the year definitely over several years, fit like a glove, could easily be worn to work, on the weekend or dressed up, I loved it.

Sadly, I walked away. It was hard to wrap my head around buying such a warm piece on a hot, NYC August day. Imagining it fitting inside my already stuffed suitcase was another concern.

But now the weather is changing and I am seeing all of the fabulous statement coats out there, I continue to think about how well it would have worked with my wardrobe and lifestyle.

I wish I’d followed my advice on this one.

A statement coat is an easy way to take a basic outfit to the next level. There are so many to choose from right now at terrific price points. Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Animal prints:

Animal print never goes out of style and is an easy way to add visual interest to an outfit.

Zebra coat (that I should have bought!), BB Dakota; top right Joe Fresh; bottom right Loft

The Robe Coat:

The wrap or robe coat is very on trend right now. Easy to wear. I have shown them here in grey, but they are cropping up in every colour or in interesting textures as well.

Left:  Zara; Right: BB Dakota 

Colour and texture:

Shearling or faux fur is very on trend at the moment (I always love a little texture!). Infusing colour is also a way to add personality to a look. Pastels continue to be having a moment and are quite refreshing as the weather gets cooler.

Pink swing trench: Anthropologie; Mint mohair: Zara

A couple of additional picks:

Couldn’t help zooming in on this sweater coat from Anthro - knitwear is everywhere right now, so cozy and stylish.  This raincoat caught my eye. Let’s face it - it gets wet here, and we might as well embrace it in style. 

Left:  Anthropologie, Right:  French Connection

And here are the statement coats I do I have and love because I actually followed the above criteria. So glad I did.  Will keep in mind next time before walking away.