Jan 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

I have always considered myself a rule follower. Perhaps this is because I grew up with the ultimate rule follower, my mum. Though we’ve given her the gears about it over the years, it certainly has its perks. Not only does she follow rules; she listens, and is a stickler for detail. She is the #1 fan of Stylesmarts; internalizing every tip and trick I’ve picked up along the way.

Here is the icing on the cake. She is also one of the most thoughtful and generous gift-givers I’ve ever met. While I am definitely happy with my own sense of personal style and ability to find unique pieces that align with my taste, personality body type etc. If I am being completely honest, the ones that garner the most compliments are usually met with this response, “Oh thanks - it was a gift from my mum” or, “My mum found it in a little boutique...”.

So after another wonderful Christmas, I am beginning 2015 with a few new, lovely gems to add to my wardrobe courtesy of Stylist Mum (though I shouldn’t forget to mention my dad; her amazingly patient sidekick who is there for backup, morale support and chauffeur services).

Because I spend a lot of time in overflowing wardrobes which I believe make it more difficult to put outfits together, I have this rule for myself. Whenever I have a few new pieces to add to my closet, I must also get rid of (and hopefully donate) some in order to avoid the overcrowding/confusion problem. The new year is a great time for this. For some of my tips for a closet edit check out my recent Q&A with the North Shore News.

Here is an unusual stylist trick I’ve been experimenting with lately to try to breathe new life into some pieces that I have been perhaps avoiding due to overall fit or unflattering neckline. I’ve found with some dresses, tops or sweaters; wearing them backwards can actually work better for me. Not saying it works for everything or everyone (obviously not pants...and you really have to play around with it), but give it a try with something you may be on the fence about before tossing it on the donation pile.  Plus, it is always fun to experiment with new silhouettes.

Backwards stylist trick:  photo credits 1 and 2, photo credit 3, photo credit 4

For those pieces that do ultimately make it in the pile, I am so glad I have a colleague at work who is always keen to give them a new home. I love seeing them styled a different way. Clothing in good condition that I know won’t work for her, is always donated to a local charity either in the bin or Dress for Success.

Always a good rainy day activity and chances are there will be a few of those in the weeks to come.

As I write this, I am receiving fashion blog links and updates from Stylist Mum via text and email- maybe it’s time she start her own business...I'll share the link if it ever happens.