Feb 3, 2015

Bon Jovi Birthday

I just had a birthday and my new(ish) man hit it out of the park.  Not only did he treat me to the most fabulous day, to top it off, he excitedly presented me with a Bon Jovi shirt from the offical fan store. If you didn't know, I am the ultimate fan.  

It got me thinking about different ways to style concert shirts (or any other graphic tee in a wardrobe...I do have a few fun librarian ones such as "shhhhh" and "read" that could definitely be worked into rotation on a more regular basis).

Here is a little inspiration from a style blogger:

Images courtesy of:  Babble

And from the styling team at Lucky Magazine:

a) styled for weekend; b) styled for dinner out; c) a relaxed work environment

We went out the other night with friends, I was excited to bring out Bon Jovi.

What I did learn from the cut of the shirt, is some fans are probably more comfortable rocking a little cleavage (I tend to be ultra-conservative in this department).  So, I pulled out the "backwards stylist trick" I referred to in my last post.  

At the end of the night, we realized we hadn't taken pictures.  Apologies for the poor qualitiy of these, a few that we took at the beginning of the night when texts were flying around with girlfriends regarding wardrobes for the evening (ie: What are you wearing?  Should I wear a dress or jeans?  you get the jist...).  

Guess I'll just have to wear it again soon - but until then this gives the idea:

It's rare that I wear all black. But throw in a little texture, shine and the spirit of a fabulous '80s hair band I've loved for 30 years, I am good to go.  And very happy (and not just because of the shirt).