Mar 3, 2015

Some Simple Stylist Magic

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting we stop exercising, or alter any dietary routines.

But, over the past few days I have come across two examples illustrating what I know to be true through my work with clients of varying body types - properly fitting clothes can make you look you slimmer.

I was at a client's home the other day and we were chatting about her husband's wardrobe.  Last year, I worked with him on a closet-edit and we revamped both his work and off-duty looks.  He had a lot of great quality pieces.  Still, we got rid of a ton.  Most of it was far too big; outdated in either shape or style.   His outfits didn't convey the successful, intelligent, cool guy that his wife and daughters know him to be. 

He now gets frequent compliments on his wardrobe, and people are asking if he lost weight.  The difference?  Clothing that fits, as well as reflecting his lifestyle and personality. 

And, I'd like to think, his work with a stylist. 

A few little tips and tricks about what works can make such a difference in how we present ourself, how we are perceived, and ultimately, how we feel.

Which brings me to my second example. 

Yesterday, a friend sent a photo my way of motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. This did not resemble the same Tony I'd watched in a TED talk a few months ago who wore an oversized, wrinkled suit jacket with ill-fitting jeans. Even my boyfriend who doesn’t normally comment much on style, was distracted by Tony’s look.

This Tony looks sharp, lean, modern and stylish. His clothes fit. Maybe he has lost weight, maybe he hasn’t (and his Florida lifestyle probably doesn’t hurt).

But I am pretty sure he’s consulted a stylist.

When trying to look a little slimmer, a common tendency is to dress in loose fitting, baggy clothing which actually makes the wearer appear larger. Stylists have a cure for this. An extensive tool kit of tricks.

As an Elementary school teacher, I love that it all starts with the ABCs. Through various optical illusions, a stylist can teach how to Accentuate your best features, Balance your frame, and apply Camouflage techniques. And, as in education, it is all so individual.

Obviously, it is not all about dressing to feel or look a little lighter.  It is about connecting what you wear with who you are as a person.  This brings to mind a quote I love by celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe. 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak".

A stylist can help you figure that out.

photos courtesy of:  Wikipedia Creative Commons and Ocean Drive