Apr 2, 2015

3 Ways to Try Trends This Spring

Are you feeling springy? Ready to incorporate something new in your wardrobe this season?  The options are endless whether you decide to try a fresh print, revisit a past decade, or experiment with a modern silhouette...

Here are a few trends for Spring 2015 that might pique your interest!

1)  The print: Gingham

Floral continues to be big this spring and I continue to love it. But it isn’t anything surprising for this time of year. Gingham made a real statement on the runways this season and is a current, fresh print to incorporate into your look. This print is classic, and will serve you well over time. So many possibilities: pants, blouses, dresses, shoes, skirts, jackets or bags. Here is some inspiration from style blog, Style Me Lauren.

Images courtesy of:  Style Me Lauren

2)  The decade: the '70s

The ‘70s are certainly having a comeback in the world of fashion and style. There are several ways you can incorporate this trend in your wardrobe without looking like you are going to a costume party. Wider leg pants are in, but they aren’t as dramatic a flare as worn in the past. Rather, the width builds gradually from the knee creating a more modern version of the '70s silhouette. Personally, I am enjoying the suede or fringe pieces that are inspired from this era. Colored suede is a nice way to bring in soft texture and a luxurious look to an outfit (and it doesn’t have to be expensive). Fringe can be fun and certainly can make a statement depending on how its worn, but does not need to overwhelm a look - it's all in the styling and should reflect your personal taste. Adding it in an accessory can add a bit of whimsy or movement to a look.

Images courtesy of Stylecaster

Image courtesy of:  9to5chic

3)  The Silhouette: Culottes

This silhouette might not work for everyone and you have to ensure the right fit for your body type. But, if you can nail that, culottes are a piece that could add a new shape to your wardrobe and make you feel very NOW (and kind of fashion forward). The right pair could be easily dressed up or down, and take you right through to fall. 

Images courtesy of Wendy's Lookbook and The Corporate Catwalk

Image courtesy of:  collagevintage.com

Trends should never break the bank.  There are plenty affordable options out there right now at stores such as Zara, Forever 21, H&M, Loft, Joe Fresh and Old Navy.  Think about the pieces you already have in your wardrobe and which of these might combine well, or liven up what you already have.  

Remember, always know what's already hanging in your closet and try not to hit up the stores unless you have a list and a plan.  This lessens the chance of wasting your hard earned $ on pieces you don't need and probably won't wear.  We work too hard to make those mistakes (you know what I mean, it's happened to all of us).

Happy Spring everyone!