Apr 25, 2015

What's on your shopping list?

What's on your shopping list?

It's no secret I love fashion and style.  But the more that I learn, the less I shop.  Well, I should rephrase that...the less I actually buy.  

My mum and I were at Park Royal recently.  She has great taste.  She was pointing out really fabulous pieces but I kept saying things like “I don’t need that right now” or “I have something that I would wear for the same purpose”.  


The thing is, once you know what you need; unless you fall absolutely in love with something, it is so easy to walk away.  Sounds kind of like a good life lesson in general...

Recently, I’ve been posting about the concept of the capsule wardrobe.  This isn’t revolutionary; but more and more, I think a pared down wardrobe of core pieces that fit, flatter, and suit lifestyle and personal style is the way to go.  

Think about when you have packed really well for a vacation.  It is so much easier to get dressed having just what you’ve brought without all the excess adding confusion to the mix.  The goal is to make getting dressed easier, and not to waste your hard earned $$ on things you don’t really need (I say save those nickels for a well-deserved vacation!).  


Before embarking on a shopping trip, it is essential to take stock of what you have (and what is working).  Really think about what you should add to prime closet real-estate.  This varies from person to person depending on the current state of the closet. 

I’ve taken a good look at my Spring/Summer wardrobe and have devised my list.  The images shown above aren’t the exact pieces I plan to purchase (but an idea of what is on my radar).  I rarely on-line shop, rather gravitate to smaller boutiques.  But, I will definitely also be hitting up stores like J Crew, Club Monaco and French Connection where I also usually have some luck.

My list:

Chambray/Denim Dress

- the chambray shirt is a multi-season staple (mine owes me nothing).  I have my eye out for a versatile dress in a light, soft chambray fabric.  I can see this being part of my summer uniform.

Double-duty skirt

- one I can wear to work or casually, I always look for something with interesting fabrication or details.  This J Crew skirt has piqued my interest - not sure about the midi length on me, but curious to try (if it fits will use my J Crew teacher-discount!).  The texture reminds me of a black skirt I have as part of my fall/winter rotation that is definitely one of my staples - something like this could be its warmer weather counterpart


- I love prints, so am happy to add this on-trend one to my wardrobe in some form (thinking either in a blouse or a trouser), it's a classic so even when gingham isn't in the spotlight I am sure I'll love it


- "completer pieces" add dimension to outfits, so I have my eye out for a vest that I can wear to work on warmer days in lieu of a blazer or cardigan - that could also be dressed down with a summer dress or shorts

Flats (with a very slight wedge as I don't like too flat, I'm short enough...)

-in a light colour, print or metallic (neutral with some visual interest).  Something a little more substantial than a ballerina flat, but definitely not a flatform.  I'll know them when I see them (will be checking out some of my favourite brands:  Chelsea Crew, DV, Seychelles and Miz Mooz)

Replacement and Refresher Pieces:


- I actually don’t have a hoodie in my wardrobe at the moment, the ones I had were loved to death and have been cleared out of my closet.  A great layering piece for after my barre fitness workouts, or under a denim jacket or vest

Slip-on Converse Sneakers (replacement pair)

- these will walk me through NYC, I wear them with dresses, shorts and jeans 

Tank tops

- looking for a couple of basics with a hint of visual interest

I think it is important to also note that while I believe it is crucial to shop with a list in mind, sometimes my most favourite wardrobe pieces end up being the ones I have simply stumbled upon.  They were not actually on my radar.  When you find those gems, scoop them up, even if they aren't technically on your list.  I mean the rare gems.  They don't come along very often.  These tend to end up working their way into becoming one of my core wardrobe items. Permission to go a little of course when this happens.  

If you need some help devising your list, or determining a capsule wardrobe that would work for you..I'm here to help!

Images:  J Crew, Browns, Zara, A.P.C, Alternative Apparel