May 20, 2015

Driving down the cost-per-wear

Driving down the cost-per-wear

Yesterday it was very warm in the library.  So, when planning my outfit last night (yes, I always set out what I'm wearing the night before), I knew a summer dress was in order.  I reluctantly pulled out this one.

When I bought this dress in Brooklyn 3 years ago, I fell in love with it.  It felt very tea party/Parisian.  I loved the fit and flare style, the structure and perhaps most of all, the toile print.  To be honest, I just learned the proper name of the print today from a friend who used the same motif as inspiration for some of her home decor. 

At $200, I knew it was a splurge.  But I envisoned myself wearing it regularly.  Classic and unique at the same time.  The thing is, 3 years later, I've maybe worn it 4 times.  Once (possibly twice) to work, to a friend's shower, and today.

 So, I am looking at over $50 a wear to date.  Yikes.  What would the financial planners who I am presenting to regarding wardrobe in the workplace think about this investment? 

It's good I have a new-found love for this dress as I am determined to get its cost-per-wear down drastically.  If the weather holds, my plan is for it to be worn a lot.  Fingers crossed.