Aug 31, 2015

The Virtual Closet

The Virtual Closet

It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since we were introduced to Cher's virtual closet in the movie Clueless. 

This summer, I spent another couple of glorious weeks in New York.  I always take so much away from that city in addition to the precious memories of time spent with family and friends.

This year, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a new network of stylists and designers when I took part in a Menswear workshop (I promise I will share some of the great tips for guys in some upcoming posts!).  Through this, I was exposed to some fabulous technology which I have integrated in my own work with clients.  

Cher's virtual closet is a reality.

Here's just a snippet of how it works (but the possibilities are endless and very exciting!):

1)  The Closet

- during a closet edit I can photograph, upload and sort all clothing into categories.  This makes it so easy to see what one has (and identify gaps in the wardrobe).  The virtual closet can be accessed at any time.  If you don't feel the need to work with a stylist during your closet edit, you can upload the photos yourself and I can sort and categorize from there...

2)  Personalized Lookbooks

- once items are uploaded, I can create personalized lookbooks showing various combinations using what is already in the closet.  Having trouble styling a particular top or skirt?  Let me know the item and I can show various ways it can be worn based on what is in the virtual closet.  Need to know what to wear to a special event or on vacation?  Fire me an email and I can put together looks.  Buy something new and aren't sure how to integrate with what you already have?  Upload it to the virtual closet and I will show ways it combines with what you already have.

3)  Gaps in your Wardrobe

- at the end of a closet edit with a client I always make a specific list of "gaps" so there is a focused shopping list for future purchases.  Once clothing is uploaded, I can easily make suggestions on pieces one might want to consider to round out the wardrobe.  I send links to garments and the technology allows a dialogue: I can say why I think the piece might work, the client can respond as to whether or not they like it etc.  Shopping can also be done directly from the links.

If you intruigued by the possibility of basically having a stylist with you when you get dressed every day - contact me for more information, I'd love to show you how it works!