Apr 5, 2016

Outfit Planning Strategies

Outfit Planning Strategies

When I go into a closet during an edit (once we have decided what is staying), one of my favourite parts is helping clients make outfits from what they already have.  I've been told that this time spent "shopping the closet" is invaluable.  Fresh eyes can definitely breathe new life and spark inspiration.

As we are playing with possible looks, we chat about outfit making strategies.  Here are a few that work for me:

Visual interest

I know I have said this repeatedly, but I feel it always rings true. Interesting outfits have visual interest: colour, texture, print or shine. This can definitely apply to more than one piece in a look.  When purchasing new garments, try to keep this in mind: exposed zippers, leather piping, a printed shoe etc. can be a small, subtle way to kick an outfit up a notch!

Build Around a Star or Hero Piece

Aim to make at least one piece the focal point of your look.  From there, you just need to find complimentary supporting players (and they can certainly have some visual interest as well).  That was my strategy in the outfit above - can you guess the star?  You got it, the incredibly bright, tailored blazer!  This piece felt like such a steal when I stumbled upon it in NYC last summer (at $30 felt I couldn't walk away).  However, while I love to play with visual interest in my outfits, this is a much louder hue than my regular colour palette.  As a result, I have shyed away from it for a long time.  This week I was determined to make it work.  It certainly makes a statement on its own, but I am glad I incorparated a complimentary print and metallic shoe (metallics are a neutral).  Why not try the same strategy building an outfit around pieces such as a printed pant, a vest, or a bold jacket?

Plan ahead

I find it hard to make decisions first thing in the morning.  Before the work week begins, I always dream up a few possible outfits (after checking the weather) and set them aside in my wardrobe.  I don't always wear them all, but it certainly helps with inspiration and speeds along the getting-ready process.

The Virtual Closet

My new favourite stylist tool!  During a closet edit, we photograph all the garments kept in the wardrobe.  This makes it easy for me to help clients with outfit combinations when they feel they are in a rut.  After "shopping the closet" I send lookbooks of what we created together, but always have access to view their closets and make suggestions when needed.