Jul 4, 2016

Loving the Virtual Closet - How It Works

Loving the Virtual Closet - How It Works

Cher in Clueless was on to something over 25 years ago with the Virtual Closet.  Ever since being exposed to this technology for styling while taking another course in NYC last summer, the services I am able to offer my clients has transformed.  It is as if I am actually in the closet with them putting outfit combinations together or making suggestions for future shopping trips based on what is already hanging in their wardrobes.

Some signs that the Virtual Closet Might Be for You:

  • you have a closet full of clothes but often don't know what to wear, or feel you have "nothing to wear"
  • you have a lot of pieces, but are unsure as how to put them together
  • you typically style garments the same way, or feel in a rut
  • you have no idea what you have/need
  • you shop without a focused list
  • you tend to buy the same things
  • you like the idea of basically having a stylist at your fingertips selecting personalized outfits for you based on what you already have...

Here is a snapshot of the components within the Virtual Closet:

1)  The Closet:

It all starts here.  If I do a Closet Edit with a client, we take photos of all the pieces that are working.  These are then sorted into categories so it is easy to see what is there.  If I am just communicating with a client on-line, they take the photos and upload them to the closet I have created.  This is an easy way to keep a current inventory of what is there and identify gaps in the wardrobe.  

Sample section of Jackets/Vests/Cardigans in a Virtual Closet:

2)  Personalized Lookbooks

This is probably my favourite part of the Virtual Closet.  Once all the garments are uploaded into the closet, I can make various looks based on what they already have.  Sometimes clients ask for a collection of work outfits, weekend, or evening looks.  Often it may be providing various ways to style a particular piece such as the neon jacket or floral cardigan below.  Through this tool, I can also have a dialogue with the client offering tips on how to wear, or responding to questions she may have about the outfit. 

Neon Jacket Sample Combinations in Lookbook:

Floral Cardigan Sample Combinations in Lookbook:

3)  Finds:

Once everything is uploaded into the Virtual Closet, it is easy for me to make suggestions as to possible gaps in the wardrobe. These become a priority list for future shopping trips.  No more wandering aimlessly around malls.  Clients have expressed that this has really helped them spend their money wisely.  The Finds section includes suggested links so you can either purchase right there, or often just serve as inspiration.  If one of the Finds is of interest, I can show how it will combine with what is already hanging in their closet using the Lookbook section.

If this piques your interest, feel free to fill out the questionnaire below and we can chat about how it can work for you!