Feb 9, 2018

Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap

I attended my first clothing swap this week.  I didn't know what to expect, but am always happy to have a reason to edit items I seldom wear.  And, more importantly, I love any excuse to spend time with fabulous women, drink wine and chat...with the added bonus of doing a little free shopping at the same time!

Our hostess was so gracious and well-prepared.  She rented racks so the clothing could be displayed for us to peruse. There was delicious food and drink - we got right into it.  While we sipped, we scoped out our picks.


I am pretty good about consistently clearing things out that I don't wear, or love.  That being said, there is always something I've held onto with the intention of wearing, but for some reason it never makes it out the door.

Here is a sampling of what I brought:

Club Monaco striped sweater


This was a gift.  I really love Club Monaco so I wanted it to work.  However, every time I've worn it, I've known the fit isn't right on me. Also, in order to make it look good, I had to think about styling it strategically.  A basic piece like this shouldn't be that difficult. TIme to pass it on.

It got eyed up a couple times, but again, the fit didn't work. Happily, I received a message from Shauna (our lovely host) that she claimed it at the end of the night as she spotted it while she was packing up.  It's fabulous on her!  Also pictured in the photo is an Aritzia scarf I also brought to the swap. I love the print and weight of this one - just not the right shade for me.  Glad she snagged them both.

 Wrap-style long cardigan from Anthropologie

 I bought this piece for my trip to Italy.  I wanted something light I could have in my purse to throw on to cover my shoulders in churches.  I loved the idea of it, however, I have not worn since as browns aren't my colour palette.  My friend borrowed it for a trip to New York before I wore it to Italy so at least it is well-traveled.  Cost-per-wear may be low, but good memories attached.  That same friend actually ended up with it at the swap and I think it works so well on her.  And I will always have this picture of it at the Vatican...

The system was simple.  We each drew a number out of a bowl which determined our order for selecting our finds. I was #2 which got me in there right at the start.

 Here is what I ended up with:

 Tweed/fringe Zara top

Ok, the fit isn't perfect.  I will need to layer it to make it work.  But, I love the texture, colour and details.  

 Tweed, black panel pencil skirt

Obviously I am drawn to texture and print.  This is an easy one that I can wear to work.

Navy hoodie


 Just cozy.  Great for after work on the weekend.  And I do love navy.


After the first couple of rounds, we realized that because we are all so different (shape, style, colouring, lifestyle) we were all gravitating toward different things.  At that point, it became a free-for-all where everyone worked together to help each other find what would best suit.  Women can be so fabulous that way.

A couple of shout-outs:

Most cohesive haul overall


This shopper definitely got top marks for ending up with the most cohesive collection!  We had been chatting throughout the night about the concept of a capsule wardrobe and how great it is to have versatile pieces that easily mix and match. Her picks meet this criteria - a palette of navy, red, white and grey with classic prints such as stripes, dots and stars. 


 The biggest haul

This swapper ended up with the biggest haul of the night. Here are a few faves from her pile that caught my eye:

Not everyone can wear this bright orange, but we all agreed she is the right person to wear it.  The print is so eye-catching and such a stylish silhouette.

This pic doesn't do it justice, but I am so sad I overlooked this striped "Apres Ski" T-shirt.  Didn't look like much on the hanger, but was adorable on. She also found a fabulous fitted black jacket (as well as several other blouses, bags etc.).  


Throughout the evening it was so fun to chat about style and see how the garments looked on each wearer.  And the joy they brought their new owners! 

All clothing that wasn't claimed will get a new home through donation to local charities. 

Thanks again girls for such a wonderful evening - highly recoommended for anyone considering a similar event.