Feb 18, 2013

Spring Trend - Prints

Image source:  stylecaster.com

Are you as excited about prints as I am?  So glad they are in the spotlight again this Spring!  Check out my latest Coquitlam Mommy post for some of my tips and finds for this trend...


Feb 11, 2013

Seeing Stripes

image source:  fashionpolice.net


Check out my latest style post for Coquitlam Mommy - all about stripes...

Feb 10, 2013

Spring inspiration

Image source:  oliviapalermo.com


Window shopping yesterday checking out Spring trends - loving all of the visual interest out there!  Lots of bold stripes, print mixing, black and white, shimmer, a continuation of coloured and printed pants, ankle skimming pants, 90s (yes, 90s is all over Topshop!) to name a few...Here is the start of my spring style pinterest board - and the sun is shining, doesn't get much better than that!

Sep 16, 2012

Welcome back Jacob!

Image source:  Bargainmoose.ca

Have recently rediscovered Jacob and have been very impressed with price point, versatility and how they seem to have upped the level of fashion.  I spent Friday night at the Jacob in Coquitlam Centre selecting fashion show looks for one of Coquitlam Mommy's upcoming events.  It was hard to narrow it down to five outfits because so much in the store was speaking to me!  Caters to a wide age range, style personality and lifestyle (oh, and it is a Canadian company - yay!). If you haven't checked out Jacob recently definitely worth a look once you know what you are in the market for this Fall (if you are not sure...I would love to help you figure that out!).  Note: these are not the outfits for our show as we are in the process of finalizing and fitting the models, but I promise I will post some pictures after the event!


Sep 1, 2012

Fall Trend #2: The Chambray Shirt

I am so glad this versatile and easily wearable piece has made a comeback!  Works well with coloured denim or cords, printed pants, dress it up with a skirt or with your denim and heels.  Depending on the look you are going for, can be worn loose, tucked in or belted.  Layer with a t-shirt or under a sweater (a patterned one would be fun!).  A staple piece for your wardrobe.  


Aug 30, 2012

Fall 2012 Trend: Coloured Pants

You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) spend a lot of money on trends, but infusing your wardrobe with a few new pieces that will keep it modern and, in turn, make you feel great is a worthwhile investment.  The trick is to incorporate trends in small ways that compliment your current wardrobe, personality and lifestyle - we are not pages from fashion magazines!  Over the next few days I will highlight some of the top trends that have caught my eye this season...

Trend #1:  Coloured pants 

(Image source:  fashionbased.com)

This trend from Spring/Summer carries over to the Fall but the hues have become darker and more rich (burgundy, forest green, cobalt blue, teal, auburn, mustard...).  Coloured denim or corduroy can be found at very reasonable prices.  Depending on the day’s activities, pair with sneakers, flats, ankle boots or heels.  T-shirts, blouses, sweaters, blazers and denim/leather jackets all partner easily.  Can be matched with more than black or white - have fun with contrasting colours, hues in the same colour family, printed tops, scarves or necklaces.  If you are work-bound, trousers and skirts are also aplenty in these same tones and will add new dimension to your office-attire.  Joe Fresh, a great go-to for trends has coloured denim and corduroy for $19!  


If you are uncertain how to incorporate trends into your current wardrobe visit my contact page to enquire further about my services and how I can help!

Jun 17, 2012

Sunglasses - yes we will be needing them!

Although I've heard people referring to this month as "Junuary" (it has been terrible!), I am confident long stretches of summer sunshine are around the corner. This is a good time to make sure you are prepared with a great pair of sunglasses which will immediately style up your look!  I used to always buy cheap sunglasses (as I have the tendency to lose or break them), however, about 2 years ago I invested in my first designer pair that sit properly on and compliment the shape of my face.  I have worn them so much that they are already easily down to less than 50 cents a wear (and because I am invested, I care for and keep better track of them!).  We definitely all vary in how we treat our glasses, and what is most practical for our lifestyle...good news is, fashionable sunglasses come in all price ranges.  When selecting your shades, it is helpful to keep in mind your face shape and what is going to be most flattering for your features...check out this article with some expert tips -- I found it very useful!


May 20, 2012


I love long weekends.  Started out this Sunday morning with an indulgent brunch at Medina with my friend Krista --  lavender latte, mimosa, frittata and a waffle to share for dessert (white chocolate and pistachio dipping sauce - yum!).  Krista is my go-to friend for the best food and drink in the city and whenever I go on any trip, I always take along a list of her faves which never disappoint.  Ever since I spent last summer in New York, she has been so excited about Stylesmarts and always comes ready to talk style and fashion. Today she told me about Polyvore, a global social networking site where users are emporered to discover their own style and set trends. Needless to say, I've been playing on this site all afternoon (much more fun than the housework I had planned).  You can create your own looks from a vast database of clothing, follow other trendsetters, or do some shopping!  A great resource.

May 12, 2012


In addition to colour being so big this season, I am loving the variety of prints and the amount of print-mixing that has been going on in the fashion world. I have started to experiment with this lately (albeit conservatively), and have been quite pleased with some of my combos!  Here are some guidlines I learned at my recent workshop in NYC for pulling off print-mixing successfully...

1) Same colour palette, two different prints

2)  Two distinct colours, same print

3)  Two different colour palettes which share one colour in common, two different prints

4)  Two distinct colours and prints, one is the star and one is the supporting player!  Bold prints can always be matched with a neutral print (one that looks solid from a distance -- houndstooth, pinstripe etc.)

You may have noticed the combinations seem to get more bold and daring as we progress through the list (fun to experiment with though...)

Prints are great for expressing creativity and personality in an outfit.  It is important to remember prints should match the stature of a person (ie: large prints drown petites).  If prints make you nervous, you may want to start by incorporating it into a shoe, scarf or handbag.

Good luck and have fun!

May 8, 2012

Met Gala...wish I were there!

It is Tuesday evening and with the Glee prom in the background, I am enjoying checking out all of the elaborate fashion from the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Gala in NYC last night.  Since I am "gleeking out", as they say, thought it appropriate to hi-light Dianna Argon who I think looks beautiful (always really enjoy her sense of style).  While I was on the fence about a lot of the looks, they certainly sparked some interesting conversation between my teaching partner and I as we ate lunch today which, I am sure, is the primary goal when dressing for an event such as this...mission accomplished! Be sure not to miss Beyonce or Marc Jacobs in the black lace shirt dress... and check out the bow on the back of Christina Ricci's dress in the background - wow!

Apr 24, 2012

Everyday Fashion

I always enjoy visiting J's Everyday Fashion to check out one of her daily fashion experiments.  I relate when she describes herself as "just a girl trying to navigate herself through the fashion world".  I love her use of inspiration photos to create new outfits from her own closet, as well as further developing her own personal style.  If you visit her site, have a look at her 10 fashion commandments!

Apr 19, 2012


Yellow is my favourite colour. It all started with the one-piece, buttercup yellow, Fame tracksuit I had in Grade 5 which I absolutely adored.  Yellow clothing always catches my eye and when I wear it, I feel so bright and sunny.  Today when I was checking out Kendi Everyday, I envisioned welcoming this skirt into my own wardrobe (it would fit in very nicely!).  If you get a chance to peruse Kendi's website, take a look at the 30x30 Remix - I vow to take on this challenge before the year is out!

Apr 18, 2012

New Shoes?

Getting very excited about my upcoming trip to New York and have been starting to do some browsing online casing out a few of my favourite shops!  I am loving the florals this season, and am envisioning myself in these shoes from Anthropologie.  My only concern is the strap... the joy of short legs!  No mum, your rationalization of  "at least they reach the ground" isn't reassuring when fashion choices are hindered.  Fortunately, there are lots of styles available, so I will just have to head over to the Chelsea Market, grab a Ninth Street Coffee and get busy :) 

Re-Fashion Vancouver - Reduce, Reuse, Refashion!

As Earth Day approaches, eco-friendly fashionistas may be interested in checking out the Re-fashion Vancouver event held at the Roundhouse in Yaletown this Saturday, April 21st.  Love this idea, great way to update your spring wardrobe!

Apr 17, 2012

Drawn Out Wardrobe

Yesterday in our school library we had a visit from illustrator & author, Ashley Spires.  Not only was I impressed with her talent and engaging way with the students, but with her sense of style as well!  I was so excited to learn that Ashley has her own illustrated fashion blog - check it out, it is fantastic!